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About Us

Josi van Ogtrop-Sambou

Founder of The Nanny Line

During her studies she worked as a volunteer at a young women and children’s shelter. Josi then completed a 2 year internship in a home for people with psychiatric problems followed by 2 years working in childcare with families in need of support. Josi was then offered a full-time Family Manager role by Jeugdbescherming Regio Amsterdam, her employer during her internship. Here, Josi focussed on creating a positive environment within families for children who needed it the most. Although Josi found this greatly rewarding, the work was not easy and required intensive training in family therapy, child safety, communication skills and juvenile justice etc.

Our mission and vision

After 5 years of work in youth protection, Josi decided to change focus to working with children in established, good homes and environments. Children from expats or tourists could have adjustment challenges. Our nannies are trained to make children feel comfortable in their new home with their new nanny. Josi brings her education and experience in nannying to Barcelona from the Netherlands.

Happy nannies = happy children = happy families and that is our aim. She founded The Nanny Line in 2016 to fully develop her knowledge and services.

Sergio Dankfort

Business Partner

The Nanny Line is a company made out of love and passion for children. It is my goal to make it the best working nanny app and website in Spain and Europe. Our absolute aim is to unburden hard working parents worldwide and nothing less.” Sergio is our business partner from Amsterdam. He is actively involved the development of the application and does our long-term strategy planning. Sergio has great experience in B2B and B2C Markets.

Michelle Hickey

Business Development & Partner

Business Development Partner, Mom, Daughter, Friend! Michelle is all of it. She has been with us since the beginning, helping us through the hard times. She has been living in Barcelona for five years now, during this time with her creativity, passion and kindness The Nanny Line became to what it is now. Moreover, being a mother of a beautiful daughter helps her to understand our customer`s needs.

The best of the bests

The Nanny Line is in contact with more than 40 luxury hotels in  Barcelona. We aim the best quality service always, and so it is necessary to have the best partners for it. Both parties tries to make the experience pleasant and easy!

Ask the concierge for one of our personally screened, experienced and professional nannies or babysitters. The Nanny Line provides the service 24/7, so do not hesitate to call us morning, late night or anytime!

Maria-Ines Santos

Marketing Coordinator

The Nanny Line allows you to learn and step up your game by taking initiatives and present new ideas and solutions to the company”

Mery Ros Jones

Social Media Manager

“Josi is an amazing leader and the team is made up of wonderful people from different countries”

Marcell Kerepesi

Marketing Intern

“During my internship with The Nanny Line, I gained so much experience what will be useful for the rest of my career”

Kevin Rotich

Finance Intern

“It is exciting and challenging to be part of the finance department, however it is a rewarding experience”