Benefits of raising your child bilingual

Bringing up your child bilingual can be an amazing gift to give them for life.

Here at The Nanny Line, not only do we provide a premium, high-class childcare service, but also we provide you with the opportunity to expose your child to new languages through our international and experienced nanny team. As we can all agree, communicating with your own child in your mother tongue is important in order to pass on those familial and cultural aspects of yourself. However, if you can find a way to expose your child’s ever-developing mind to a new language at the same time, the benefits can be tremendous for them.

It can benefit them emotionally, intellectually and practically.


When children are young, they are the centre of the world. Giving them the gift of another language helps them to see that opinions other than their own exist, too. This is essential for forming healthy relationships and developing their own minds, feelings and opinions. They are able to communicate deeply with friends and family, and these kind of social bonds and strong emotional ties are so important during their younger years, and are the key building blocks of their personal identities. Bilingualism also gives children a whole new appreciation of doing something as simple as going abroad on a family holiday, as they will be more confident and interact with new people from all cultures and backgrounds. Even if a child’s second language is not their heritage language, bilingual children grow up with a natural interest in other cultures, which essentially helps them become empathetic and open-minded. These are qualities which should never be underestimated! Let’s help our kids to be those who will make the world a more positive place to live in.


Speaking or understanding more than one language gives children an active interest in many different fun educational activities, such as museums, street festivals, history, geography and fairs. Their brains become flexible and active, and they will find daily logical tasks easier. It has been proven that children who learn a second (or third!) language at a young age become better problem solvers, more creative and score higher on academic tests. They will also find it infinitely easier to learn more and more languages throughout their lives. Not to mention, they develop a more flexible approach to thinking through problems and making decisions – overall stronger thinking skills!


Just a bit of extra language exposure can really go a long way. With our ever-changing world and increasingly diverse society,  giving your child the skills of a new language means opening up doors for them. Both educationally and professionally, this is a gift that they will thank you for, and it will provide them with the necessary tools for long-term success. Having the skills to participate in a more widened community opens up countless opportunities.


Open up the world for them.

Simply doing daily routine activities with someone who speaks a different language, playing games with them, chatting and feeling comfortable and relaxed. Make sure that you make the most out of the possible benefits of having someone take care of your child – connect with one of our international, experienced and flexible Nanny Stars.

Contact our team today to talk through your needs for now, or for the future.



Written by Kelly Lindsey Abel

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    Peter Jones
    Posted at 08:33h, 03 February

    Excellent article. So many benefits to learning other languages when young.

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