Nanny Line Nannies De-stress Your Holidays

Call the Nanny Line to De-Stress Your Holidays

Let’s face it:  We all have a love-hate relationship with the holidays.  It is a wonderful, magical, joyful time of year. It also can feel like a marathon as you run towards the finish line of either December 25th (or January 6th if you celebrate 3 King’s Day here in Spain).  Spain’s premiere international nanny agency has so many ways in which we can help you de-stress your holidays. With gifts to buy, holiday parties to attend, special meals to cook, charities to donate to, gifts to wrap, holiday cards to send, packages to ship… for most of us, our December “To-Do” lists in December seem endless.

Are you an expat in Spain?

The holidays can be even more stressful if you are an expat who is new to Spain and trying to figure out the holiday traditions of Barcelona, Madrid, or even the Balearic Islands.  But here is just one thing to add to your to-do list which will help decrease your stress level in so many ways. At the top of your to-do list should be: “Call the Nanny Line.”  Here are ten ways we can help you relax and enjoy the special magic of the holidays with your family and friends in Spain.


 1. Babysitters.

Our English-speaking, pre-screened babysitters are available, even at the last minute, to cover all of your nights out.  You can book online ahead of time so you never have to worry about childcare holiday parties, office gatherings, secret santa events, and other celebrations that run later than your children’s bedtimes.

2. Hotel Nanny Service.

 Do you have family or friends with young children coming to Spain to spend the holidays with you?  Or are you vacationing in Madrid, Barcelona, or the Balearic Islands with your family? We have established relationships with Barcelona’s finest hotels and our experienced hotel nannies can stay with little ones while you head out to celebrate the holidays.

3.  Nanny Line Chauffeurs.

 Our chauffeur nannies are specially-trained to safely transport your children from school to any after school activities or back home to meet your nanny if you can’t make it home in time.

4.  After school Nannies.

Are you trying to fit in some Christmas shopping after work and need someone to be at home with your children until you get home?  Have to dash out to the Correros to put some packages in the mail by the end of the day?  Our after school nannies are stars at managing complicated after-school activities, schedules, pick-ups and drop-offs.  We even created a cheat sheet to help you sort out your family’s crazy after school schedule.

5. Scheduled Self-Care Time.

We all know that we need to carve out time for exercise, a haircut, lunch with a friend, or other self-care activities to help us stay healthy and sane during the holidays.  Did you know you are actually a better parent, the better you take care of yourself?  Why not carve out a guaranteed break for yourself by booking a Nanny Line babysitter ahead of time.  You’ll be less likely to cancel your self-care time if you have booked the babysitter and scheduled an appointment- trust us!

6. Tutor nannies.

Worried that your late hours at work are keeping your from helping your kids with their homework?  Too tired to tackle trigonometry after a crazy day? The Nanny Line has nanny tutors available to help give your kids that extra boost they might need to pass this semester’s classes.

7.  The perfect gift everyone will love.

Did you know that you can give your new-parent friend the gift of a good night’s sleep with a gift certificate for an overnight with a infant-care nanny from the Nanny Line?  Know a family member struggling to find child care? They will surely love a gift certificate for some Nanny Line babysitting hours. Email us at to order your gift vouchers today.

8.  Vacation nannies.

Is your family traveling over the holidays?  Family travel can be exhausting and stressful, especially over the holidays.  Why not book one of our talented vacation nannies to help you actually decompress and relax on your vacation?

9.  Keep Routines with your Regular Nanny

The holidays can be stressful for children as well.  The folks at Very Well Family suggest that one of the best ways to help kids stay calm and relaxed is to follow their normal routine.  Your Nanny Line nanny-star already knows your kids’ bedtime routines, their favorite after-school snacks, and how to soothe a temper tantrum after a long day.  Trust our experienced nannies to help your children weather the crazy storm of the holiday season.

10. Looking to give back to charity this holiday season?

The Nanny Line has paired up with the non-profit organization Vëins del Mon, or World Neighbors, to raise more than €2,500 to buy gifts for some of Barcelona’s most vulnerable families.  You can easily donate to our Go Fund Me fundraiser online and enjoy knowing that you are making some children’s holidays that much brighter this year.

11.  Special Event Nannies.

Are you planning a big Holiday event?  Family reunion, wedding, office party or all of the above?  Our superstar nannies can watch the children so that your special event is both family-friendly and fun for all ages.

So you see, it is really very easy to lighten your holiday season load with just one phone call or trip to our website to book your nanny service online.  Our pre-screened, English-speaking international nannies and babysitters provide the highest quality of child care available.  We are also always looking for additional ways we can help busy families in Spain. If you have any suggestions or ideas for additional services we could provide or that you may need, comment on our Facebook or Instagram sites or below in the Comment section.  We CARE for you, however you need us to!

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