Is it that important to have a qualified VIP nanny? Four things you should consider

As you read these lines, remember pleasant moments from one of the babysitters of your childhood. Most people retain beautiful memories of the great attention of one of these special ladies.

There are also plenty of movies and shows about it, and you might remember the noisy but funny Fran Fine, wonderfully played by Fran Drescher. But, did you realize that this particular lady became a nanny “by accident.”

Now that you have children of your own, and you have a busy schedule combining work, sports, activities and taking care of the kids, you sometimes need a break and want to leave your children under the best care possible. A nanny “by accident” is definitely not your first choice, and you’re not up to experiment with your children. But is there any difference between a nanny “by accident” and a qualified VIP nanny?

Let us show you the four benefits you would get after hiring a qualified VIP nanny:


A qualified VIP nanny is not just a young girl in charge of keeping your children quiet

She will decide on your behalf for your children’s wellbeing when you are not around or reachable. The Nanny Line screens and interviews each babysitter and nanny before they recommend them to a family.


Qualified VIP nannies do make a difference for children

A qualified nanny is prepared to organize activities that benefit the physical growth of children, a healthy mental and emotional development of their personalities. Since nannies play an essential role in your family, it is key that the nanny understands your values and point of view regarding raising children.


There are different options to choose when hiring qualified VIP Nanny

As a family, you have specific needs, depending on the age of the children, the school situation, the work situation and travel schedule of both you and your partner.

Living abroad also creates different needs. Regardless of your family needs and desires, there’s a nanny out there for you.

Having a qualified VIP nanny guarantees that your needs will be fully covered. It is crucial that you share your needs and specific wishes in the interview you have with the nanny.

The Nanny Line provides up to 8 different types of services both at home or in a hotel, even starting with just 60-minute care.


Nannies are supported by a team of experts!

The VIP Nannies are committed to taking great care of children. To help the nannies side, The Nanny Line provides ongoing support and assistance. You can contact our team of experts at any time when a question arises. Nanny Line maintains continuous communication with both the nanny and the family to ensure that everything is under control and contribute to your peace of mind. This is the way we offer the best possible attention to the most valuable treasure: your children. Make a question.

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