Madrid is World’s Most Family-Friendly Holiday Destination

Club Med names Madrid the Ultimate Vacation Spot for Families

The travel company ranked top family travel destinations by the country’s overall happiness score, the cost of restaurant dining, total number of visitors from the UK, and the number of social media posts mentioning the city.  We are definitely biased, but we can see why Madrid beat out the other top-5 cities in the ranking: London (2), Paris (3), Berlin (4) and Bangkok (5).

Here are some more reasons why we at the Nanny Line think Madrid is a great family destination:

  1. In Madrileño culture, family is key.  Children are welcome and restaurants usually have booster seats, special kid-friendly meals, and are more than happy to cater to their smallest customers.
  2. There are an abundance of parks and outdoor play spaces such as El Retiro, with its weekend puppet shows and boats to rent or Rio Madrid with its with its bridges, webs and hammocks for kids of all ages to play on.
  3. Ludotecas, or social play-spaces for all ages, offer activities and workshops such as arts and crafts, dance lessons, toys, and games at multiple convenient locations around Madrid.
  4. Lions, tigers, and bears… Madrid is home to several great places to see animals up close: The Faunia (nature park), the Madrid Zoo Aquarium, and Cañada Real, a rehabilitation center for abandoned or hurt animals that offers visits, workshops, and activities.
  5. Because we are there!  The Nanny Line Madrid offers you personally-screened, experienced, multilingual babysitters with the local knowledge that can make your family vacation in Madrid a success.


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