Make-Your-Own Glitter Jar to the Rescue!

Our premier nanny and babysitter agency is happy to share our recipe for a make-your-own glitter jar and maybe even a calmer child.  Looking for an easy craft project to do with your kids?  What if that craft could also help them calm down during a temper tantrum? 

The Basic Recipe:


    • Glass jar, plastic bottle, jar or other container.  Best if wide-mouthed (to more easily pour in the ingredients) and able to be securely sealed (no spills or leaks).
    • Hot water (can be tap water)
    • Mixing bowl with a pouring spout (less spillage when pouring into the jar)
    • Liquid watercolors (can make your own, recipe here, purchase, or use food coloring
    • Fine glitter


    1. Size of jars will vary, so follow this mix of proportions:  20% glue, 80% water, and as much glitter as you want.
    2. Pour the glue and hot water into the mixing bowl
    3. Add in the liquid watercolors or food coloring and glitter.
    4. Mix with vigorously with a whisk.
    5. When everything is blended, pour right away into the water bottle.
    6. If some glue and glitter residue remains stuck in the bowl, use a bit more hot water to the mixing bowl.
    7. Then clean the residual glitter out with a paper towel before rinsing and cleaning it out.
    8. Some teachers and parents will put duct tape around or even “super glue” the bottle top onto the bottle once it is filled, so that there is no chance of accidental spilling or glitter explosions.


If you are looking for more glitter jar ideas, the mom and preschool teacher behind the website Preschool Inspirations offers recipes for 6 different types of glitter jars.

What does make-your-own glitter jar have to do with Mindfulness?


Mindfulness is definitely a buzz-word today.  We hear that it might be a way to improve our mental health, be better parents, control our weight, and even treat some medical conditions.  Simply put, Mindfulness is tuning into your body sensations and thoughts in the present moment, all from a non-judgmental perspective.  You can read more about mindfulness and 5 tips for mindful parenting here.

By focusing on the clouds of color, sparkling glitter, and moving liquids, kids are forced to take a break from the anger, anxiety, frustration, fear, or other big emotions that might be overwhelming their sense of control.  They are able to take a deep breath, and wait patiently for the glitter to float down to the bottom of the jar.

Lessons to Learn from the Make-Your-Own Glitter Jar


You can help kids by having them imagine that their emotions or problems are like the glitter.  Next have them name what emotions, thoughts or feelings they have.  This can help children to feel more in control.

Reassure your children that angry or sad thoughts are not bad.  They can just be strong feelings that we choose whether or not to pay attention to.

Tell them that problems are like the glitter- they can cloud our ability to think clearly (like the glitter blocks our view through the jar).  Waiting for the glitter (and our strong feelings) to settle at the bottom of the jar, allows our mind to be clearer and better able to solve problems or talk about what is bothering us.  There is even a mindfulness glitter jar video which explains this, if your children are more visual learners.

In this way calming jars can help:

    1.  Build sensory awareness
    2. Teach emotional regulation skills
    3. Learn how to self-soothe
    4. Increase focus


Do you have other recipes for glitter jars?  Ways you use mindfulness in your daily family life?  Let The Nanny Line know by commenting on this post, or following us on Instagram or  Facebook.  Our nannies and babysitters in Barcelona, Madrid and Ibiza love doing craft projects with kids.  You can book online today.  We have recommendations for other hands-on kid’s activities in Barcelona or the best playgrounds in Madrid if you are looking to get outside and explore as well.

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