Meet the Nanny of the Week: Noemi

Why did you choose The Nanny Line and what do you like about it (compared to previous nanny jobs)?

I chose The Nanny Line because they make it easy, flexible and fun to work with kids and families in different environments (events, hotels, homes, etc.). They also make sure both the nannies and families are happy. I am able to have a balanced work life and get to know families from all around the world.

What makes you different than other nannies? Do you have any special skills?

In spite of being young, I have many years of experience looking after babies, kids, and teenagers. I have worked in a nursery, many schools, and in a boarding high school as a language teacher (Spanish, English, and Catalan). I love every age. I am a proactive person, very patient, and I have a problem-solving attitude. I am always motivated to gain knowledge, and I have the ability to maintain control when in a group of children. I also have experience driving children at home and pediatric First Aid knowledge.

What are some of your favorite games/activities to do with the children you nanny?

Singing and storytelling are my most enjoyable activities to do with babies and kids. I also like to play sports and enjoy being outdoors in nature. 

What are some of your hobbies outside of being a nanny? How do they help you with your capabilities as a nanny?

I practice yoga form time to time and it helps with my breathing and relaxation. It helps me take things slow and be patient. I dance salsa, so I like dancing and singing with the kids. I always like to practice new sports and try new things. I also like to travel, which helps me with languages. I also like to read occasionally just to gain new knowledge.

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