Meet the Nanny of the Week: Paula

Why did you choose the Nanny Line and what do you like about it (compared to previous nanny jobs)?

I chose The Nanny Line because it’s a great agency, it is very professional and caring. They give you an opportunity to have experiences with kids from all over the world, and to learn what children like to do in every country. Every kid is different, so The Nanny Line has helped me interact and connect with new types of kids with different personalities and interests. 

Describe an experience that has driven you to become a better nanny.

My first experience looking after a baby was in Nottingham in the UK. While I was with him, I saw as he learned how to crawl and begin to talk. It isn’t always that you get the chance to watch someone grow and be able to grow alongside them. I would take him to the park and we would watch the nature around us. It was a joy watching him discover the world. I knew then that looking after young children and babies is my passion. 

What are some of your favorite games/activities to do with the children you nanny?

My favorite games are hide and seek and puzzles, if the kids are old enough. If they are babies I like to read some stories, sing nursery songs and discover the best way to make the babies smile. 

What makes you different than other nannies? Do you have any special skills?

My best skill is the connection I have with the kids. We both enjoy being with the other and create a very nice atmosphere when it comes to playing. I think it is very important to have a connection with the child and to the parents as well. 


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