Meet the nanny of the week: Abigail!


How did you find out about The Nanny Line (TNL)?

I’d heard about TNL when I first moved to Barcelona and I was looking for some work opportunities here. I think I happened across The Nanny Line on Facebook actually, looking for Nanny agencies, (be)cause I knew it’s a good way to get in touch with families. I did a little investigation about them and saw that they are a new company, had many cool opportunities and focused on nannies’ needs. As a nanny myself I wanted to know if they would take good care of me. It seemed to be a really good fit.


What was your first impression when you joined TNL?

My first impression was when I met Josi (the director and founder) for my interview and I went to a coworking space where she had couple other nannies there, we got our labor agreements, we were talking about the agreement and conditions and it all just seemed so professional, well-put-together and organized. She had a team of marketing interns that were the doing photos and a little interview.


How did TNL helped you through your career development?

TNL helped me so much. I started as an au-pair, which is great when you are finishing university but then I actually went into teaching and working with schools and doing private English lessons as I wanted to be more independent but my passion has always been working with families, individually with children for longer period of time, helping their educational development. The Nanny Line finally gave me the financial opportunity to go back into that work which is where I am the most passionate about.


How can you describe TNL in 3 words?

Family – More – Professional

I am a part of the family I work for. I am not an older sister as I am a bit too old for that now but I have just totally in sync with them. The mom communicates with me, the kids trust me. We have that family connection in a really lovely loving way.

I am more than just a babysitter. I am more than just a person coming in. I am an integrated member which is really important to me. I don’t like the feeling of walking into the house and having everything in the third wall between me and the family- that’s not what I am looking for in a career.

Professional because of the interaction with the TNL staff, the legal support [understanding my rights, etc] and insurance [civil liathat we get [at TNL] is so amazing! Working privately as a babysitter you don’t get any of that. By being part of The Nanny Line family I get this feeling of security from this level of professionalism.


What is your favorite part of looking after children?

There are so many things that I love about looking after children that’s why it is my chosen profession. I think the most rewarding is watching them grow and learn. This development process is so beautiful. Seeing them take some things that I’ve taught them and taking it ten steps further even in just a few months – I find it extremely rewarding. This is definitely why I keep doing that.


A funny moment that you have experienced while working with children

There’s been so many! They’re just little clowns. Just the other week I came home from school with the three children. There were some boxes from paintings that had just arrived. Just empty boxes which are children’s best friend, you know, an empty box makes unlimited possibilities. The oldest boy decided that we need to make our own TV’s. We cut the holes in the boxes, we put the plastic cover that was also there and typed it from inside. We’ve made two TV’s cause obviously three kids need multiple channel choice! Then they would sit inside while I was outside with the remote control that they’ve made for me and they started to play their own TV show saying “OK, number 1 is a sports channel” and they would play tennis! There was also the weather channel cause one of the boys is obsessed about calendars and forecast (“Oh, today the weather in Catalonia is going to be very sunny”). It was so funny, so cute! The little one is in love with dancing so I put on his favorite song (“Bailando” of course) and as he was moving with a maraca in his hand he smacks himself in his head. The three of them were just cry laughing on the floor, it was hilarious!


What do you like the most about your job?

Particularly I’m working now with one family 20h/week and I love being so focused around the kids and watching their development. One of the kids has some special needs and I really love that I can do research, talk to his therapist, the family includes me in all the information so I can help him develop through that. Professional developing and expanding my knowledge, watching him grow is just an amazing part of the job.


What is your hidden talent with children?

My hidden talent is: SLEEPING! I can put any child, no matter how difficult you think, to sleep without parents there, without any tears! Almost guaranteed! How? I make sure they trust me when they are awake and then I secretly try to calm them into sleep. Last week I got my friend’s baby who is 6 months old who fell asleep twice in one day, and she is never ever able to fall asleep with anyone else before. It just happens! Magic, I guess.

Abigail is a TNL nanny star! We are happy to tell her story and highlight her experience!

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