Meet the Nanny of the Week: Mariana!

What makes The Nanny Line Different from other agencies?

“It’s a well known agency, and it is also recognized for good service. You have a lot of opportunities, and you’re well taken care of as a nanny. They care for the clients, and they also take care of you as a nanny.”

How has The Nanny Line helped  your career development?

It’s the experience, the everyday working with children that helps me to develop new qualities that you need in order to take care of a kid… It helps you to have a more flexible way of dealing with different situations… Mainly to keep the children safe and to have a good time.”

What is the funniest moment you’ve experienced while working with children?

“I can’t think of any specific moment, but while taking care of little kids, like one year-olds or two year-olds, they always imitate everything you do. So it’s like really fun to start singing and dancing, and they’ll do the same as you’re doing… So it’s like a lot of fun because you start laughing, and they laugh too because you’re laughing.”

What do you like most about your job as a nanny?

“It’s learning everyday something different from children. They’re really good teachers because they get to show you that you can still enjoy every little detail about life… Sometimes as an adult, you just start stressing out about so many things, and then when you’re with kids, they show you that life is beautiful and you can still enjoy it no matter what’s going on.”

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