Meet The Nanny of the Week: Janine


Why did you choose the Nanny Line and what do you like about it (compared to previous nanny jobs)?

“I would say the security they provide you is a big thing. They provide you with a safe place and make you feel safe by having a team that backs you up. They check you to make sure that you are fine. It is also a team where you have a lot of clear communication. If you compare it to other nannying agencies it is very organized.


What are some of your favorite games/activities to do with the children you nanny?

“I like to play this game where we invent stories together, so normally they start it off with a sentence and then I add on to it. The goal is so that they have to keep remembering the whole story so they really enjoy it. Another thing I like to do is a treasure hunt. It is really simple, we take turns hiding objects and finding them. I hide their stuff and then they hide mine.”

What makes you different than other nannies? Do you have any special skills?

“I would say that I am good at calming them down or stop them from crying. Normally I talk to them and try to distract them with different stuff, like a game or story (that’s where the inventing a story game comes in). A lot of the time people forget there is a reason for why they are crying, so I listen to them to detect the cause. This also helps me distract them.”

Describe an experience that has driven you to become a better nanny.

“I volunteered in France, helping with an organization who helped women. I was a translator for the young women that we would work with. This gave me a different perspective in these individuals lives and has helped me with ensuring that the children I care for are in a safe environment and are happy.”

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