Nanny at your Hotel

We provide the level of service you would expect at any luxury hotel. You can contact us 24/7 to handle your booking. When you are in need, the agency can respond quickly. For example, when you want a romantic dinner with the two of you, we can provide a good, reliable and experienced nanny within 60 minutes. This could work as follows:

You can contact us 24/7 through our website, email or phone.

Or the hotel reception can make the booking for you.

This service starts at €20.00 up to €35.00 per hour.

Our hotel nannies are specially trained to take care of a child of any age. Children who are in a strange city and hotel with an unknown nanny need an extra friendly face when parents leave the room. That’s why we train our nannies to make your children as comfortable as possible in their hotel room. The nannies come prepared with games and a happy attitude. They keep you updated during the booking on how it’s going so you never have to worry if your children are doing well.

You can pay the service online, in cash or through the hotel bill (first consult this with the hotel)

Last minute booking (less than 2 hour notice) please call us.

Book your hotel nanny whenever and wherever.
We work together with the following hotels:

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