Part-time and Full-time Nanny

Nanny For Family

Part-time and Full-time Nanny

Looking for full-time help with your little angel(s) or need a nanny to help out with the after school pick up? You’ve found the right place. Our nannies are multi lingual and personally screened on experience, education and enthusiasm for their job. We check their (criminal) background, experience and references. All nannies have to complete a trial with us before they can join the agency to make sure we hire the best care for your children.

A nanny charges between €8.00 and €12.00 per hour and we charge you 10% per month of their salary. We stay in touch after the placement to secure that everything runs smoothly and that you are continuously happy with chosen nanny.

Email or call us for more information. We will go through your wishes together and send you profiles of nannies who suit your needs best.

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