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Occasional Nanny Service

Just moved to Barcelona? Or perhaps temporarily extra busy with work and need a hand? We have nannies and babysitters available for you to book for as long as you need. All of our stars are personally screened before joining the agency; their (criminal) background, experience and references are checked. We have babysitters available who make sure your child is happy, safe, healthy and entertained. Are you looking for a more educated and experienced childminder? Then we advise you to book a nanny, who will actively make sure your child gets educated. He or she is more aware of parenting instead of only entertaining. Our nannies are multilingual so take a look at which nanny suits you best and book the service online through the website. We will send you the profiles of nannies who are available for your request. A babysitter rate is €14,52 /hour and our nannies charge €19,96 /hour all taxes (IVA) are included.  Online bookings must be made 6 hours in advance.  For bookings less than 6 hours in advance, please contact The Nanny Line directly at +34 617 243 659


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