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Top 10 Reasons We Love the Balearic Islands Off-Season

Are you looking for a quick and easy weekend family getaway here in Spain?  Wanting to escape from the ski-week crowds on the slopes in February?  Trying to avoid the hordes of beach-goers in the Canary Islands over Semana Santa?  The Nanny Line, your high-end international nanny service in Barcelona, has found the perfect solution.  Why not plan some off-season family travel to the Balearic Islands? Keep reading to learn our top 10 reasons why we think Ibiza, Mallorca, Menorca or Formentera should be your family’s spring travel destination.


1. Hotel and airfare rates to the Balearic Islands are cheaper in the off-season.

Spain’s low-cost carrier, Vueling, offers flights for as low as 20 euros one way for an adult in the off-season from Barcelona to Ibiza, for example.  They even have a special guide for traveling with children.  According to, flights to the Balearic Islands are the cheapest in March of each year.  Many hotels in the larger cities, desperate to fill rooms in the quieter months, offer special family packages or weekend deals, especially in January and February.

2. Beaches are blissfully empty

What parents among have had to apologize for our little ones flinging sand on a neighboring beach-goer’s towel? A day of being squished in like sardines, mere centimeters between towel edges, is no one’s idea of a relaxing beach vacation.  Instead, in the off-season, you will have the Balearic Island’s best beaches nearly to yourself. Milder temperatures are perfect for family beach walks, flying kites in the winter winds, and building sandcastles without getting into turf wars.  The water will be cool, but your kids will still probably want to dip their toes in the water.  Menorca offers shallower beaches than Mallorca, so this island may be better for toddlers wanting to wade next to the water’s edge.

3. There are fewer package tours and cruise ships.

The relatively short flights from most of Europe have long made Spain’s Balearic Islands a top holiday destination.  Last July alone, more than 1.7 million tourists visited Mallorca, and multiple cruise ships dock in port cities every day.  This extreme mass-tourism has even driven Mallorca’s tourism board to start a #betterinwinter promotional campaign to try to spread the number of tourists visits over the entire year.

4.  You don’t have to worry about sunburns or jellyfish stings.

You can check out the monthly average temperatures, rainfall, and hours of sunlight for each of the four Balearic Islands at this helpful website, but in general, between February and the end of May, the water will be cool but the days will be sunny and warm, with little chance of precipitation and nice breezes to keep you from getting overheated.  This means that your little ones won’t be running around in skimpy bathing suits with their fair skin exposed to harsh sunburn-causing rays. No sunscreen battles- hooray! Just in case you are worried you can check out the helpful Medusa App to track any jellyfish sightings by location.

5.  Quieter, less-crowded cities are open for business and exploration.

During the summer months, the islands’ world-famous nightlife draws crowds to clubs for all-night partying.  Cities such as Ibiza or Palma, Mallorca become overrun with drunken hen parties, stag nights, and traffic jams.  But off-season, life returns to normal.  More stores, restaurants and hotels stay open year-round in bigger cities than in smaller towns or on islands like Menorca and Formentera. Even in January, Palma, Mallorca’s capitol city gets an average of 5 hours of sunshine every day.

6.  Cooler spring temperatures are better for outdoor family activities such as hiking, biking and horseback riding.

Exploring Mallorca’s mountains of the Sierra de Tramuntana (a World Heritage Site) is unthinkable in the blistering heat of July and August, but your kids will love adventuring in the natural beauty of Mallorca’s more remote western coast in the early spring months.  If you are a family who really loves horses, you can even plan a whole horse-riding vacation, circling Menorca’s recently restored 185 km Camí de Cavalls (Path of the Horses)!

7.  Yoga and wellness retreats are healthy off-season travel bets in the Balearic Islands.

In the push to fill rooms off-season, some resorts are getting creative and catering to the yoga-retreat travel industry.  While not exactly family-friendly, why not book one of our occasion nannies to stay with the kids and treat yourself to a weekend of self-care and zen?  Don’t forget, self-care can help you be a better parent.

8.  You can plan your own “off-season foodie escape.”

During the low season it will be easier to score tables at some prime restaurants.  Gastronomic tourism is a great way to learn about the island’s culture, history, and food traditions.  There are several family-friendly chefs and cooking workshops to explore as well, such as Deborah Piña Zitrone on Mallorca or the chefs at Cuk-Cuk on Menorca.

9.  Getting on the road in a rental car is cheaper and easier in the off-season.

February-late May there will be less traffic and fewer tour buses on the islands’ smaller roads.  Also, many rental car agencies offer special off-season deals.

10.  The Balearic Island’s main tourist destinations won’t be crowded in off-season months.

For example, In the summer months, you may have to wait 1-2 hours in line with the other package tour groups to see Mallorca’s famous Artà caves filled with awe-inspiring stalactites, stalagmites and dripstones. Why not save your kids some temper tantrums and choose a quieter time of year to explore all the unique sights of the Balearic Islands?


With quick, cheap flights from Madrid or Barcelona, fewer crowds and milder temperatures, what’s not to love? 


Do you have other off-season travel escapes from Barcelona or Madrid? Let us know below in the comments section or on our Instagram or Facebook pages.  Looking to have some couple’s time without the kids? Our holiday nannies can either travel along with you, or we even have nannies available in Ibiza, depending on when you are planning to travel.  You can book occasional or holiday nannies online or give us a call to find out more about the services we offer.

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