Fantabulous trilingual nanny

  • Personal background

  • English (bilingual), Spanish (native), French (beginner)

  • From Sept/11//2019

  • 4 months; ~25 of sibling-care

  • Mom, dad, two younger sisters (19, 25) and six half-siblings (one older, five younger). All of my family lives in the Dom. Rep.

  • Master's in Digital Management from Montpellier Business School (Expected graduation date: Dec. 2019).

    Bachelor's degree in Public Relations from Utah State University (class of 2011).

    Further details:

  • Additional information

  • People who know me would say that I am fun, responsible, trustworthy, kind, adaptable, and empathetic. I am also very open-minded and enjoy being around children because I am a child at heart.

  • No

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  • Checked by Agency

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