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  • The Nanny Profile

  • Ana Pérez Requejo
  • Ana
  • Personal background

  • Spanish (native), English (fluent), Chinese (intermediate)

  • Starting from January, available for part-time work within the city of Barcelona.

  • 3 years; I have been working as a nanny for 5 years (inter-mittentively, for about 3 years both in Madrid and London) and it has always seemed to me a very enriching profession, which I was encouraged to work also in primary and elementary schools in the mornings, while doing babysitting in the afternoons. At the beginning of last month I moved to Barcelona to study a graduate degree and at the same time to continue my experience as a nanny.

  • Single

  • Bachelor of Humanities, Bachelor in Asian and African Studies: Chinese, HSK level 4, Certificate in Advanced English (CAE), Postgraduate in Audiovisual Translation (in progress).

  • Additional information

  • ✓ Always keep in mind the preferences and needs of parents and also of children
    ✓ Promote education and curiosity of children
    ✓ Always be attentive to the safety of children

  • Certificado de delitos de naturaleza sexual (España)

  • No

  • No
  • Yes
  • Checked by Agency

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