Hanna-Mari Helama
  • Personal background

  • Finnish (native) English (fluent)

  • Immediately

  • 7 years

  • I grew up countryside of Finland and had peaceful childhood. My parents divorced when I was child, but I had good relations with both of them. I have two sisters and two brothers with who we are really close and stay in contact every week even we live in different countries.

  • Vocational Qualification in Child Care and Education and Family Welfare
    - Able to support children’s physical, psycholgical and social development
    - Able to work with children and families in different life circumstances
    - Able to function proactively, co-operatively and in a quality-conscious and service oriented manner

  • Additional information

  • ✓ Right, high motivated attitude and my calm personality – parents and children know they can trust me.
    ✓ Activity – I like to come, go and do with children. As a nanny I can offer experiences and changes to learn. Of course in a fun way and based of children’s interest.
    ✓ Authenticity – I want have good relations between me, families and children. I want parents and children feels safe and we have good connection.

  • First Aid (Red Cross, Finland)
    Medicine Certificate
    Hygiene Certificate

  • Checked by Agency

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