• Personal background

  • English, basic Spanish

  • July 2017 onwards

  • 10 years

  • I grew up with my Mother, Father, and three siblings in the Washington, DC area. I am the youngest in my family. We are a tight knit family and see each other frequently. My sister is an elementary school teacher for special needs students, and my brother has Down’s syndrome. We are kind, loving, and respectful of one another.

  • High School:
    TC Williams HS, graduated 2010
    Alexandria, VA, USA

    Virginia Commonwealth University, graduated 2015
    Richmond, VA, USA
    Bachelor of Fine Arts cum laude
    Major in Kinetic Imaging (animation), Minor in Spanish

  • Additional information

  • ✓ Patience is my expertise; I have a brother with Down’s syndrome and am involved in the special needs community. This has provided me a lifetime’s experience of giving patience and acceptance to children of all abilities.
    ✓ I live a healthy and creative lifestyle; I teach art classes to children and know how to keep young imaginations active with fun and safe activities.
    ✓ I am a native English speaker and can help children improve their language skills through homework help, everyday conversation, and playtime.

  • No

  • No
  • Yes
  • Checked by Agency

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