Experienced pedagogue with focus on language development

  • Personal background

  • Dutch, English, Spanish

  • Normally Monday to Thursday night 6:30 pm to midnight. I am looking to work as a nanny 1 or 2 nights a week.

  • 17

  • I come from a farmer family with 3 kids. My mom and dad are still together and I'm the oldest of the 3. My brother and sister live in the Netherlands, just as my parents. I visit them every 2 months.

  • I studied Pedagogy in the Netherlands and graduated in 2010 which makes me a bachelor of Social work.

  • Additional information

  • Because of my experience I always focus on stimulating language development in playful and fun way. I am very patient, can be strict if necessary and am a thrustfull person.

  • · Bachelor of Social Work
    · Social Competence Theory
    · Sign Language level 2
    · Levels of Abstract Thinking

  • Yes, I'm not a cleaning lady.

  • No
  • Yes
  • Checked by Agency

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