• Personal background

  • - Spanish
    - English

  • - Monday-Friday: 8:00am to 00:00 (flexible schedule)

  • - 5 years.

    I have always had a love for children and their development, since I was only a teenager I started working as a babysitter with my nephews, relatives and family’s friends with little kids. Also organized and did summer camps in my gated community back in Mexico, since I was 13 years old (under my mother’s supervision).
    When I started university, I worked in summer camps during the summer and winter breaks.
    Also worked as an animator for children in parties and social events. And during the last year of university I worked as an English teacher in 4 th and coteacher in 5 th grade. Also did all of my practices for university in schools, and with children with disabilities.
    I have over a year of experience giving Equine Therapy to people (mainly kids) with different disorders such as Down Syndrome, Autism, Brain Palsy, intellectual and cognitive disability and ADHD.

  • I have an identical twin sister and a 1 year older sister. I come from a very close mexican family.

  • I have a bachelor’s degree in Pedagogy (Education) specialized in inclusive education and I’m currently coursing a specialty in Equine Therapy (using the horse as a therapeutic tool for people with disabilities), here in Barcelona.

  • Additional information

  • - Pacient: I always keep calm but have the correct attitude with tantrums.
    - Caring: I am strict but always caring, I know how to put boundaries with respect.
    - Creative: I know fun games and activities that also encourage the child’s development.

  • - Police record

  • I don't, but I would rather not.

  • No
  • No
  • Checked by Agency

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