Practice Gratitude this Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving we want you to practice gratitude.  Back in 1621 at “The First Thanksgiving,” the pilgrims and Native Americans gathered to “give thanks” for their harvest that season, enjoying foods new to the English colonists such as corn, cranberries and pumpkin.  Canadians express gratitude for their harvest and blessings over the prior year in a similar Thanksgiving celebration, usually 2 months earlier. Regardless of whether or not your family celebrates Thanksgiving, the idea of “giving thanks” is an action that we all should make into a habit.  For this year’s Día de Dar Acción de Gracías (Spanish for Thanksgiving), The Nanny Line offers some tips for how to make gratitude a regular part of your family’s daily life.


Why does Gratitude Matter?


  • Practicing gratitude makes you happier
  • Practicing gratitude makes you healthier
  • Gratitude helps you connect to something larger than yourself
  • Practicing gratitude builds stronger interpersonal relationships


To read more about the research demonstrating physical and psychological benefits of practicing gratitude you can read this article in the Harvard Medical School’s Healthbeat.


How to Practice Gratitude:


  • Keep a Gratitude Journal where you write down three things that you are grateful for every day (or as often as you can remember)
  • Write a Thank-You note to someone, maybe even yourself!
  • Meditate or pray (if you are religious), focusing on the present moment without self-judgement
  • Tell someone in your life that you appreciate them at least once a week


The Greater Good Science Center of UC Berkley in the US has many researched-based strategies about how best to cultivate gratitude into both your life and your children’s.


How to Teach Your Child to Practice Gratitude:


    • What was the best part of your day? Ask your child once a day, maybe at a family meal or before bed, what the best part of their day was.  Challenge them to identify why or how they are grateful.


    • Start a “Thank You” Contest. See how many times or how many different people your kids can say “Thank you” to.  Ask them if they noticed any differences in their day or the way they interacted with other people.


    • Encourage Charity.  Help your children to help someone less fortunate.  Make some kind of service activity a regular part of your family’s life.  Take them with you when you donate their old toys or clothes to a shelter.  Volunteer at a soup kitchen together.


    • Pay Attention. Encourage your children to notice more about their daily life that they are grateful for- the small things, from tying their shoes without help in the morning to the stars sparkling in the night sky above their head at night.  Lead by example and practice sharing your observations of gratitude during your daily routine. Even better, express your gratitude to your children for shared experiences. For example, “I really loved playing Uno with your today and how we were able to make each other laugh.”



The Nanny Line is Practicing Gratitude this Thanksgiving


The Nanny Line would like to take this opportunity to “give thanks” to all that our families and our international nannies do to make us one of Spain’s premiere nanny agencies.  There are many childcare options available to families in Barcelona, Madrid and the Balearic Islands. We are thankful that you trust us to take care of your children.  We are also so grateful for the dedicated, creative, energetic, and loving men and women who choose the Nanny Line to help them find the best family for them to work with. Without our international nannies and our families, we would not be as successful as we are today.  We say “Gracías a todos” and wish those of you celebrating Thanksgiving a very happy holiday.

How do you practice gratitude in your life?  How have you taught your children to be more grateful?  Or do you want to practice gratitude and tell us “thanks” for helping you out of a childcare pinch?  We love to hear from you below in the “Comments” section, on Facebook or Instagram.

Are you looking for an occasional, part-time or full-time nanny, “manny” or babysitter? Contact us for all your family needs.  We’re here to help you at all times, but especially during busy holiday times!  And if you are feeling stressed by the holidays, don’t forget about how important self-care is.  Take care of yourself and your whole family will say “thank you.”

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