Summer Language Learning with Multilingual Nannies

Learn how multilingual babysitters can help your family’s language learning.

Regardless of why your family is living in Spain, chances are you are excited that your children will learn to speak more than one language, be it English or Spanish.  Your children may already be multilingual or this could be their first exposure to a foreign language in a bilingual school or in their daily life here in Spain.

Some expats worry that the many English-speakers in Spain will limit how much Spanish their family will learn.  Other parents worry that their children will lose some of that hard-earned fluency over the long summer holidays.

This is where hiring a multilingual nanny or babysitter for the summer, a holiday trip, or even on a regular basis can help to shore up your children’s language proficiency. Bilingualism is defined as the ability to use two languages in everyday life.  Children learn another language best when they are exposed to it in several different ways or contexts.  Here are some ways our babysitters can help build kid’s language skills:

Real-life practice.  Our nannies can teach your children how to play games in Spanish, sing songs in Spanish, or how to ask for water in a restaurant for example.  Plus, your kids will have so much fun outside of the formal classroom setting that they won’t even realize they are learning!

Flex the muscle.  Language proficiency is like a muscle that needs regular exercise:  The brain needs continued exposure to language learning opportunities to grow fluency and add new vocabulary.  We know that bilingual children’s language proficiency in their non-native language dips during summer months because they are not using their second language as much.

Early exposure.  Research shows that even infants are able to distinguish between different-sounding languages, such as English and Spanish.  Infants learn better when they are exposed to the sounds, words, and grammar of different languages.  We know that bilingual toddlers surrounded by a variety of different speakers of two languages have greater bilingual language acquisition.  Why not have our nanny introduce your baby to some Spanish lullabies?

And Spanish speakers who send your children to English-speaking schools or after-school programs during the school year, why not consider hiring one of our native English-speaking nannies to help maintain your children’s English over the summer holiday break?

Most importantly, children learn best in settings where they feel loved, supported and safe.  Our pre-screened multilingual nannies and babysitters are ready to help create the best possible environment for your children’s language learning.

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