The 10 best parenting blogs to follow in 2018


Looking for something to read in your downtime? Here are our ultimate parenting blogs that you can’t miss this 2018. 100% based off recommendation from real families who work with us here at the The Nanny Line. Laugh, cry and learn with our top 10:

Alpha Mom


Alpha Mom is another wonderfully entertaining and insightful mommy blog. The founder, Isabel Kallman, is a mother to a 13 year old son. The best part of her blog is that it features regular and diverse content from all types of moms from all over the world. Bookmark it!

Pregnant Chicken


Pregnant chicken screams positive vibes, always looking on the bright side and entertaining anyone who reads it. Definitely one to bookmark for those days you feel a little down in the dumps. It focuses on pregnancy and the tougher early stages of parenthood. The section ‘the burd herd’ features a range of different mothers (including the founder, Amy Morrison) sharing their personal experiences and perspectives.



Let’s not forget the dads who also need a voice in the online parenting world that is almost dominated by moms Fatherly is on a mission to empower men to raise wonderful children while also living fulfilling adult lives themselves. Their articles cover issues such as love, money, current events and much more. Fatherly offers a new perspective on parenting along with a comforting narrative. There are some alternative parenting approaches that are also covered and are always interesting to read about.

Mom Fuse


A fantastic online magazine for women and mothers. Mom Fuse offers everything from creative food recipes, giveaways, parenting advice, pregnancy advice, fashion, beauty and features from ‘mompreneurs’. It’s a wonderful place for networking and feeling part of a like-minded community.

Have Baby, Will Travel!


This is for anyone who has ever travelled with their kids or has ever wanted to. They write insightful accounts of all their trips with their almost 3 year old, Steven, including: The Caribbean, Disney World in Florida, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Las Vegas, and Hawaii.  Inpirational, and a must read for any parents with the travel bug.

Free-Range Kids


Run by Lenore Skenazy, this blog focuses on amazing ways to prepare your kid for life. She advocates strongly for giving kids freedom in order to help them beccome self-aware and self-sufficient. Whilst debunking many parenting theories, she remains funny, engaging and brutally honest in a refreshing way.  A brilliant read if you are sick of sensationalised parenting.

Gay Parents To Be


Gay parents represent! This site gives a voice to all the gay parents out there. The blog features many different perspective on parenting, pertaining to help LGBT families along on their journey to raising wonderful kids. They write about everything from surrogacy to local issues within the LGBT community, as well as conquering some difficult questions from your own kids about the surrogacy process during their upbringing.

Positive Parenting Solutions


With it’s huge following, this parenting educator and Today Show contributor was founded by Amy McCready. She really understands what it is like to  struggle and feel disappointed in yourself at times while parenting. Using her personal experiences and thoughtful insights, she has trained more than 60,000 parents to transform themselves from ‘yellers’ to cool, calm parents. She shares all her best strategies to enjoy the most important job that life gives you.

The Search for Imperfection


This blog is full of tips and tricks for those who live hectic lives. It is the place to look if you are want to be able to navigate a busy modern life more easily, and embrace the imperfection of it all. Jennifer is working mother who aims to give realistic solutions to those every day parenting challenges. She offers tips for travelling, delicious food recipes and sustainable/green-living tips and fun video tutorials! You won’t regret following her.

Rookie Moms


Everyone is a novice at parenting! Rookie moms will help you realise that you don’t need to be perfect at everything. The writers, Whitney and Heather, understand that life with a baby can be completely overwhelming.  This site focuses on life with infants to common topics of interest for moms – they cover self-care and encourage bravery for new moms.

Do you have any other blogs which you swear by? Let us know in the comments!

Written by Kelly Lindsey Abel 

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