The Nanny Line's new year's resolutions

The Nanny Line Team’s New Year’s Resolutions

As 2019 comes to a close, The Nanny Line wishes all of our families, friends, and employees a very happy new year.   We all welcome this new beginning differently.  The United States, Great Britain, Brazil, China and Japan are just some of the countries who celebrate the new year by making resolutions for how to improve themselves in the year to come.  We hope by sharing some or our amazing team’s new year’s resolutions we can inspire you to make the changes you want to in 2020.

Josi, founder and CEO

“I want to help others more to be successful in life, starting with our nannies and staff but also in my personal life.  For example, I’d love to encourage my cleaning lady to pursue her passion for cooking because she’s so goood. Barcelona deserves to taste more of her food.” 

Mariam, Intern Manager

“I want to turn my hobby into a career and to volunteer and give more to charity.”

Marcell, Marketing Department

“Personally, I am craving to finally move to Barcelona and experience this sunny, beautiful city. I would love to learn more about the locals, try more Catalan cuisine and of course go to a Barça match. My new year’s resolution for The Nanny Line is to be part of the big improvement of this amazing company.  I want to get as much real-life experience and make good use of my knowledge on behalf of the company.”

Ekaterina, Sales Department

In 2020 I want to learn a lot of new things, start to learn a new profession at the Nanny Line and be more productive.

Katherine, Sales

“In 2020 I want to find the time to read more and be more creative in general.”

Natalya, Sales

“I would like to leave something behind in 2020. I’d love to get the opportunity to create and find my new purpose here at the Nanny Line”

Kevin, Finance 

“I want to be  practical and more creative in my career, master Italian and try to contribute to the community.  For TNL, I am planning to implement some financial tools that I have learned so far.”

Peter, Human Resources

“My new year’s resolution is to keep learning and to improve my Spanish.”

Amy, Blog writer

“I hope to focus on what is most important to me professionally and personally in 2020.  My goals are to spend more time doing yoga and having fun adventures with my family in Spain.”

Michelle, Business Department

I want to improve my Spanish, take more time to read and do more charity projects.


Please share your new year’s resolutions with us on Facebook or Instagram.  Why not check out how Spain’s premiere international nanny service can help you to achieve your new year’s resolutions on our website?  Our English-speaking nannies and babysitters can be booked online, even last minute, and can give you the peace of mind you need, knowing that your children are safe and well-cared for.


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