The Nanny Line’s Santa’s List

The Nanny Line’s “Santa’s List”  is here to make your holiday shopping easier.  Our creative and experienced nannies, babysitters, and staff hand-selected this creative list of toy suggestions, chosen specifically for your child’s age.  We know what kids want for Christmas because we are Spain’s premiere international nanny service and we know children want. Whether it is Santa Claus or the Three Kings bringing the presents, we want your family to have a wonderful holiday season.


The suggestions on our Santa’s List are part of another very special Santa’s List project that the Nanny Line is a part of.  This holiday season, The Nanny Line will be helping 99 underprivileged children receive exactly what they want for Christmas.  In collaboration with Barcelona’s non-profit Vëins del Mon, The Nanny Line´s Michelle Pamela organized a Go Fund Me campaign to raise €2,500 to purchase gifts like the ones listed below on our kids’ holiday shopping list.  We are asking for your help so that we can make these children’s holidays merry and bright. If you would like to contribute, please go to  Thank you for your support of Barcelona’s most at-risk children and families.  You can read more about the mission and activities of Vëins del Mon (World Neighbor) on their website.


Here the Nanny Line’s picks for Santa’s List:



Babies-1 year old

Sometimes  with younger kids, simpler is better.  Babies love this indestructible,plastic rattle ball from Oball whose mesh sides are easy to grab on to.  Light and packable, our vacation and hotel nannies love to pack the Oball when traveling with babies

1-2 years old

Our pick is this organic, edible Finger Paint because at this age, kids love making a mess and put everything in their mouth.  Available from UK-based Conscious Craft or Bella Luna Toys.

2-3 years old

Children this age use pretend play to practice how to be an adult.  That is why we chose this play wooden cleaning set with broom, mop, and dustpan… because it is never too early to start teaching your kids to clean up after themselves!

3-4 years old

A Mini-Micro Scooter with cool light-up LED wheels makes walking all over Barcelona so much easier for those family members tinier legs.

4-5 years old

At this age, children begin to play more interactively with friends, so why not support this developmental milestone with some classic board and card games such as Go Fish, Candy Land, or “Spot It” ABC version (called Dobble in Spain).

5-6 years old

Storytelling and exploration explode at this age, so why not give kids some tools to explore their own natural world and then write about it, such as bug collection kits, nature journals, or story-telling prompting cubes.

6-7 years old

Craft and building supplies are top picks for these kids who are developing fine motor skills and building their creativity.  A gift card to an art supply store would be a hit, a learn-how-to-sew kit, or “Geek and Company’s” Rubber Band Racer Kit are all sure to please.

7-8 years old

Part science experiment, part cooking, we know kids love to make a creative mess with ooey-gooey slime concoctions.  You can either buy a prepackaged slime kit or try out some of these recipes from an entire book of slime recipes.

8-9 years old

Girls and boys alike have fun trying to master their balance on this hybrid snowboard-skateboard called a Ripstick which we hear kids love.  Just make sure they wear a helmet to protect their heads!

9-10 years old

We think older kids on Santa’s List will love Artie 3000.  Kids use basic coding to program this educational, WiFi-enabled robot to draw designs of their choice.  Watch Artie at work in this video from Educational Insights.

10-12 years old

As much as we battle over screen time, many of our tweens are logging more hours in front of a screen these days than we might like.  So, here are some of the latest tech-focused gifts we are looking at for this age group: a blue-tooth enabled knit cap so they don’t have their air pods in all of the time or these blue-light blocking glasses that they can wear if they are on the screen before bedtime, helping to ensure they get a better night’s rest.



Looking for where to buy these items from the Nanny Line’s Santa’s List?  We suggest supporting your local businesses and toy stores. We recently searched out some of Barcelona’s most unique toy stores.


Do you have toy suggestions to add to our Santa’s List?  We’d love to hear from you on Facebook or Instagram.

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the length of your holiday shopping list?  Need someone to watch your children so you can get all of your holiday shopping done?  The Nanny Line has pre-screened babysitters and nannies standing by to help make the holiday season less stressful.  You can book online or call us for more information.  Our hotel babysitting and nanny service provides top-notch care for any out-of-town guests visiting for the holidays or if you are traveling to Barcelona for the holidays.  You can rest assured that your children will be cared for the best childcare providers available.  In this season of giving, we want to give you the gift of peace-of-mind.

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