The Nanny Line’s Helpful “Cheat Sheet” for After School Childcare

Does this crazy calendar look like your family’s?  Do you need help, like many families, making sense of complicated after school schedules and last minute plans?  Not to worry, The Nanny Line experts have created this cheat sheet for after school childcare providers to help everyone in your family stay sane.  You can even download your own printable version here.


Important Contact Information to Share with Your After School Nanny:

  • Parents (telephones, office, mobile, email)
  • Children’s (if they are old enough to have their own mobile)
  • Grandparents, Neighbors, or Helpful Friends in case parents can’t be reached
  • School Secretary and/or School Teacher’s (names, grades children are in, school phone numbers and email if this is available)
  • Pediatrician
  • Dentist


Weekly After School Activity Calendar:

It can be very helpful to either have a single family calendar that you share with your after school nanny using either Apple Calendar, Outlook or Google Calendar.  Or maybe you want to go low-tech with an old-school paper one? If you google “ free printable after school schedule template” you will find many different calendars to print out and try out.  This article reviews the 10 best apps to manage your after school schedule.  Can decide between low-tech or high-tech?  Follow this Mom of 6 children’s picks of dry-erase, chalkboard, paper/desktop and app-based calendars that she uses to stay organized.


After School Snacks and Routine:

  • Suggested snack ideas
  • Foods or drinks kids are not allowed to have?
  • Any allergies or specific food aversions?
  • Do your children have any chores they need to do (take out the trash, clean out their lunch box or put away their own backpack for example?)


Homework Guidelines:

  • When and where should homework be completed?
  • Does homework need to be done before screen time, play time or anything else?


Family Screen Time Rules:

  • Which devices are children able to use?
  • For how long, which programs, games, shows, etc.?


Friends your children are allowed to have spontaneous play dates with:

  • List children’s names, parents’ names and contact information
  • Suggested hours of play dates
  • Suggested activities for play dates


After School Activity Information:

  • Address and time for each activity
  • What needs to be packed in after school bags for each specific activity/day

For example:

Monday (guitar lessons) pack guitar, music book, water bottle, after school snack, T-16 if taking public transportation

Tuesday (swimming lessons) swim bag with goggles, suit, flip flops, towel, shampoo/soap, snack

Change of Plans:

  • What to do if plans change?
  • Who needs to be contacted if they are running late, etc.?


Dinner Preparations:

  • Are there foods you need to have picked up by the nanny?
  • Do the kids eat before you get home from work?  If so, what types of foods would you like the nanny to prepare?
  • What time should kids eat dinner?


Other Critters:

  • Is there a family dog that needs to be walked?
  • Any other pet-related instructions?
  • Add your veterinarian’s contact information to the above list of contacts if you do have a pet


Did we forget other essential information?  Please let us know what to add to our after school childcare cheat sheet.  Follow us on Facebook and Instagram and leave a comment if you have any other strategies for keeping the after-school hours a little bit more sane. 

Is your family’s after school schedule driving you crazy?  Book one of our pre-screened after school nannies to help make sense of those chaotic hours.  Battling the back to school blues in your household as well?  Read our tips for how to help everyone settle back into school routines here.

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