The ultimate baby bag essentials


As a new mother you must find the balance between having the bare minimum and being overprepared. Life with a new baby can be unpredictable, and, let’s face it, some not-so-nice-smelling accidents are bound to happen.

When choosing the bag itself, don’t feel completely restricted to shopping only in the baby section. If you can find a large, adjustable and comfortable day bag with pockets and easy compartments then go with whatever tickles your fancy. There’s nothing to say that mother’s shouldn’t still be stylish!

We spoke to lots of new (and some not so new) mothers who are involved at The Nanny Line, and together we compiled our ultimate day bag for babies.

For baby:

Baby wipes are a mother’s best friend.

Nappies will always be necessary. Take at least a few spares with you for a full day out.

A complete spare outfit for your baby. Be prepared to have to change baby from head to toe at least once during your day out.

A changing mat can be a lifesaver for when there are no baby changing facilities within reach. A lot of baby bags come with portable changing pads, but if not, find some here.

A favourite toy just in case you are in need of a little extra entertainment for baby!

A little blanket to provide comfort or to protect clothes from feeding time or spit up.

Sealable waste bags to store dirty clothes and dirty nappies.

For you:

Hand sanitizer so you can go straight from nappy-changing to lunch time without a worry.

A portable phone charger for when you might need to contact a friend or family member. Make sure you are completely prepared and safe in case of any emergency during a day out with your baby.

Earbuds or headphones for your mobile phone in case you need to take a call and have your hands free!

A water bottle that keeps your liquid cold throughout the day. Staying hydrated is essential for you too. Tried and tested, these are the best that we’ve come across.

A hairbrush or one item of makeup that will help you feel more awake and confident (concealer, mascara or lipgloss). No, this isn’t vanity, it’s just doing whatever makes you feel the best version of yourself while enjoying your adventure as a mother!

If you are in need of an occasional helping hand with your new baby, contact our team of professional, experienced and reliable nannies here at The Nanny Line. Do you have another other essentials which you wouldn’t dare leave the house without? Let us know in the comments!







Written by Kelly Lindsey Abel.

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