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Toddler-Approved Fun and Games

The Nanny Line loves toddlers because they always keep you on your toes.  Toddlers are, well…. BUSY!  Parents, we know you can go crazy trying to come up with new, fun toddler activities.  Toddlers need to be entertained to keep them out of trouble.  We suggest keeping a few “tricks up your sleeve” for when a meltdown is approaching. Fortunately for all of us, the internet allows the collective parenting community to share great ideas and inspiration with each other. 

Well-Prepared Nannies and Babysitters

We love to send our amazing nannies and babysitters to all of their jobs with a few pre-planned ideas for activities.  As Spain’s premiere international nanny and babysitter agency, we know what makes toddlers tick. We know you can never be too prepared for toddler playtime.  Our pre-screened, multilingual nannies and babysitters love to entertain children with creative and easy games and activities like the ones we list below. You can learn more about our full-time, part-time, or anytime services online.

Some of our Favorite Toddler Activities


PomPom Races You’re off to the races with a bag of pompoms, some straws, and a racetrack with a start and finish line.  Toddlers need to learn how to blow through straws and they’ll be puffing away in no time!toddler fun


Recycled Building Blocks.  Many schools now challenge kids to see what they can build or create out of recycled materials as part of regular school activities.  At my daughter’s primary school they called it “Creation Station.” Collect cardboard boxes, egg cartons, toilet paper rolls and other building blocks, hand your toddler a big roll of tape, and challenge them to build you something.


Sink or Float? Why not teach your toddler a little science by creating their own sink or float laboratory from a dishpan or bucket filled with water and a collection of household items, some of which will sink and some of which do not.  Challenge your toddler to guess whether an item will sink or float before they put them in the water.


Alphabet Letter Art can help your toddlers build fine motor skills, learn their A,B,C,’s and use up odd collections of buttons, dried beans, or pasta you might have lying around the apartment.  Just draw a big capitol letter on a piece of paper. Next, ask your toddler to glue on whatever they want to highlight the shape of the letter.  After you have made several and let them dry, ask your toddler to close their eyes and feel the letter with their fingers to try to guess which letter it is.


go fish

Laundry Hamper Fishing (can be done from a cardboard box as well).  Fish out those bath toys and some kitchen tongs or even a play fishing rod.  Your toddler will build their dexterity and hand-eye coordination in no time trying to “catch” all of their fish.


Online Sources of Inspiration

For even more toddler fun and games, our brilliant friends at “The Busy Toddler” assembled this list of more than 40 Super Easy Toddler Activities.  The folks at “What We Do All Day” list all kinds of Indoor Activities for Kids of All Ages, conveniently sorted into these categories:

  • Arts and Crafts
  • Science Activities
  • Gardening Indoor Activities
  • Literacy Activities
  • Games and Pretend Play
  • Motor and Sensory Activities
  • Math Activities

Plan Ahead with The Right Supplies

Give yourself (or any of your babysitters) a helping hand, by assembling a collection of essential arts and crafts supplies.   Do you want to get out of the house with your toddler, but worried about cost?  Here’s our list of Fun, Free Family Activities in Barcelona.  We also have the insider-scoop on family-friendly activities in Madrid and Ibiza, so make sure to check out our other blog posts on our website.


What are your toddler’s favorite easy games?  Please share with our Nanny Line communities in Barcelona, Madrid and Ibiza on Instagram or Facebook.  We love to hear from you! Tired of toddler fun and games? Not to worry, you can always book one of our amazing nanny-stars at the last minute.

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