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Top 10 Barcelona playgrounds and play spaces for kids under 5!

The Nanny Line are reviewing hotspots; this week it’s all about playgrounds and play spaces for the under 5’s! There are so many great options for free play in Barcelona, it’s hard to pick just 10 …

Here are our top play spaces and playgrounds for kids under 5 in Barcelona:

Central Outdoor Playgrounds:

  1. Ciutadella Park has 3 playgrounds, along with beautiful water features and a park space, and it has the zoo! The Ludoteca has daily opening hours for 0-5-year-olds.
  2. Joan Miro Park, near Plaza de España, is designed and built like a jigsaw puzzle. Amongst other amenities, it has a little playground that caters for the 0-5’s.
  3. Turo de la Piera Park is a wooded area with spiral paths that take you to a great viewpoint at the top. It has three children’s play areas, and picnic tables too.
  4. Parc de l’estació del Nord is not just a city park, it is a piece of art. You can get away from the bustle and go for a nature walk, and it’s a perfect spot to learn to cycle!


Indoor Soft Play:

  1. El Cau is an exceptional indoor space for kids. They cater for little ones in the mornings. Closed for August, it is worth keeping in mind for the winter months.
  2. Happy Parc is a large indoor play area that opens in the evenings and on the weekends. It has a specially designed little kiddie play area, with ball pool included.


There are so many more great options for indoor soft play in the city for younger kids, Aventura Park and Planeta Magic for example. Kids in Barcelona’s article has more info.

Local City Spaces:

  1. Ludotecas are play spaces aimed at younger children. They are usually based in civic centres and open to the public at certain hours, but they can also be privately owned.
  2. City Gardens are playgrounds hidden within the housing blocks of the city. Called interiors d’illa, the council is refurbishing these spaces in each neighbourhood.


Suburban Play Spaces:

  1. Parc de l’Orneta and Turo Park are fantastic parks near Sarriá. Parc de l’Orneta has pony rides and a mini railway (check opening hours), and Turo Park has a playground for 0-5’s and a pond as well.
  2. Peek a Boo and Xerenola are two wonderful indoor play spaces in Sant Gervasi. A little out of town depending on where you are based, but definitely worth a visit.



Feeling overwhelmed by all of the options?  The Nanny Line’s team of qualified and energetic nannies are standing by waiting to explore Barcelona’s playgrounds- give us a call or book online.


Are there any other play spaces that you would recommend in Barcelona?  Let us know on our Facebook page.


P.S. Check out the android app, OKidsGo, it gives an extensive list of the playgrounds in Barcelona!

Thanks to: Barcelona Babies, TimeOut, MammaProof, KidsInBarcelona, Knok’s Blog, BarcelonaColours, MumAbroadSpain, TheLittleVoyager, and BabyccinoKids, for source info!

Next Week: Top play spaces for the over 5’s!

Photo by Johanna Granström ~ Written by Kathryn Reynolds

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