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Every possible activity

The solution for COVID-19 #StayAtHome

Have fun and learn with our activities driven by one of our super nannies. Your children will be sharing this activities, playing and interacting, with children their same age.

The Nanny Line gives your children the opportunity to learn English, the language of business and one of the most widely spoken languages in the world. English Tutor Nannies create fun and playful materials and games for your child so they enjoy their learning time. Our tutor nannies are qualified English teachers, certified with TEFL- Teach English in Foreign Language.

The price for a tutor nanny is €6.00 per class per child for group sessions. A private class costs €15.00 for 40-60min.

Try out today

Choose which tutoring program you would like to take, and send us your request with all the details below. After we received your request, one of our colleague will contact you with all the details and possible schedules.