Why you need a nanny by your side on your next business trip

Are you a working parent?

A large number of  jobs nowadays include business travel. Some people travel for a couple of days, to attend business events, while others spend weeks or even months away from their homes and families. If you have a family, being separated from them can be emotionally exhausting. A great way to mix business with pleasure is to take your little ones with you while you’re away on business. It’s also a great way for the whole family to benefit from travelling together when there may not be another time during the year to do so!

However, to make sure that this doesn’t increase stress or reduce your work efficiency, it’s wise to have a nanny by your side during those travels. Here’s why:

1) Flexibility

If your family is travelling with you, it can be tricky to organize your separate private and work obligations. But this shouldn’t put you off combining the two… On some occasions, you might need to stay long hours at a conference or a business meeting. In that case, your entire family would need to wait for you to come back to the hotel. If your business trip is going to last only for a few days, and you have no day off, the entire family travel endeavor would be pointless. When there’s a nanny with you, it’s easier for your partner to handle the kids and organize tourist visits to the local attractions. In line with that, you don’t have to waste time going to the hotel, but you can simply join them on the spot and save your precious free time.

2) Attending follow-up activities

Attending business conferences and events usually includes some follow-up activities. Be it correspondence with the leads you’ve generated that way or going through your notes, it will demand some quality time in the evening. If you’re traveling with two or more kids and you’re all staying in one hotel room or suite, it could be a bit noisy for you to fully commit to those tasks.
On the other hand, if you need to work, you may prevent your kids from having a space to play in the hotel. When a nanny is here, she can share the duties with your partner and that way ensure that each member of your family has enough individual space. What’s more, some hotels have great playing rooms for children, so pay attention to those amenities when you’re booking your rooms.

*Check out some family-friendly hotels in London, in this article published by the Telegraph.

3) Quality time with your partner

Particularly for new parents, kids can easily become the centre of their universe. Nevertheless, in addition to nurturing their children, partners also need to take care of their own relationship.
So, you’ve managed to bring your family with you on a business trip. While this is a nice chance for family bonding, it’s also a great opportunity to spend some quality time with your partner. We all know that at home this usually means watching TV together and waiting that one of our kids wakes up. But this trip can be used for something classier, like a dinner in a restaurant or a night of sightseeing. Naturally, this is impossible unless you find someone to take care of your children. Since this is a delicate matter, you need to hire a reliable professional with great references. Many families usually have a long-term nanny, so they simply bring her with them on such trips. As opposed to that, some families don’t have such childcare collaborators. In that case, you can turn to a local governess agency and hire a reliable professional to look after your kids. That will ensure that the nanny who stays with your kid is a committed professional with impeccable references.

4) A helping hand for chores

Spending a few days or weeks in a new town means that you probably won’t enough time to deal with chores. Of course, when you’re outside your home, there are fewer chores on your daily agenda.
But still, travelling with kids always generates chores. From doing the laundry and preparing special meals for kids with specific dietary needs, to getting different supplies, there’s always something that needs to be done. This is also something that your nanny can do with or instead of you. For instance, doing the daily shopping or buying hygienic items for the kids is time-consuming. You or your partner and the nanny can make a deal, so that one of you looks after the kids and the other one does those daily errands. What’s important to stress here is that you need to specify that your nanny should do those things, in addition to her direct childcare duties. Finally, even when the nanny is hired, make sure to give her clear instructions, as explained in this guide for proper communication with nannies.

Going on holiday is beneficial for every family for many reasons: you can spend some time together, find out more about what’s going on in your kids’ lives, and simply enjoy being with your loved ones. Still, some people can’t afford the time for long vacationson top of business travel… If you’re in that position, you can try taking your family with you on your business travels. Since you’ll have some business tasks there, it’s wise to hire a childcare professional for the time being. If you already have a long-term nanny, even better. Before you all leave for the trip, make sure to specify everybody’s responsibilities during your stay. That way, you’ll spend an efficient, and yet relaxing business vacations with your family.

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This post was written by Guest Blogger Anne Harris. She is an HR specialist working for londongoverness.com. She recruits nannies,
governesses and other childcare professionals, ensuring top-notch services for parents worldwide. In her
free time she likes reading about education, and children's welfare, as well as visiting sports events.

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